Friday, February 24, 2012

friday's letters


friday's letters

dear gazelle machine at the gym: i will be seeing you again soon. as in monday. be prepared. we're gonna go hard. dear facebook: i might be giving you up. ok stop laughing. you make me a little crazy sometimes letting me see every detail of everyones life i may be time to cut our ties. ok, not really, you know i love you. maybe just a separation for a bit. dear high schoolers: i've recouped during this vacation and am ready for you. let's get this straight-- i'm the adult, even if you all are taller and bigger than me. what do they feed you in the cafeteria food, for real?! dear little lovebugs i babysit for: building forts with you and getting unlimited hugs made changing diapers not so awful. dear other tenants in my apartment building: why must you run up and down the stairs? why do you move furniture at 3am? why are you apparently a herd of elephants?STOPITRIGHTNOW. you make me want to put marbles on the stairs so you fall down and bump your bum, that'll teach you a lesson.i don't like the meaness you bring out in me.  dear 6am: i hope when this week starts we begin meeting on friendlier terms. dear 3am: i don't want to hang out with you again until next weekend. dear if i'm going to pay for you, i sure hope you introduce me to some winners, preferably not ones who only have pictures of their cars, dogs, or in the bathroom, shirtless with a cellphone. dear the wonderful man out there in the world looking for me: i would like to be the goof to your ball. the sun to your shine. the belle to your beast. the june to your johnny. you're obviously looking in the wrong place. good news! i'm right here, so hurry up. dear homemade chicken tortilla soup: thanks for being so delish. dear crockpot: thanks for patiently waiting five years to be used. you've made me wonder why i waited so long. dear self: you can make things happen. because you're awesome. so what are you waiting for?! get to it!


with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams,



  1. awwww... love this..i love the "wonderful man out there looking for me" letter =) he will be a lucky guy =)

  2. I hear you with the noisy neighbours. We have got a heard of wild elephants above us and a video game loving dude underneath. Evenings are awesome! I hope it quiets down for you.


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