Monday, February 20, 2012

apparently, i'm not a good role model. good to know.

* i should probably put a disclaimer here letting you know that i go on a cursing rampage down below, but it's totally relevant in this post. if you are a regular here, you know that never happens so i'm sorry in advance :) *

facebooks a funny thing. see you don't need to be friends with everyone. clicking decline is really not a big deal. you don't need to be friends with your cousins, your 3rd grade teacher, your boss, or the girl who works with you but you don't actually ever speak to each other in person. you also don't need to detail every mundane thing you're doing with your day, or post a play by play of the fight you're having with your significant other and then act shocked when people ask about it. 620 pictures of your cat? no thanks. specifics of the poop your kid made yesterday, also, no thanks. plain, god awful statuses that make you look dumb? i'll just unsubscribe from your notifications to avoid it and still be able to look at your pictures. (thanks facebook for breaking down my options for me into even more choices)

oh and there's one minor detail. FACEBOOK IS NOT FOR CHILDREN.

see, remember what they taught you in kindergarten?
if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. so i don't, usually.
 until now.

i actually have been known to not accept friends requests from family members, or even unfriend them if the mood strikes me. see because the way i see it is just because we're family doesn't mean we have to be friends. harsh? yeah maybe. probably even worse since im friends with tons of other people who could probably care less about my life, but ehh, that's another minor detail.

anyway, a few weeks back i was informed by someone that the content i posted on my facebook was inappropriate and that person could no longer be facebook friends with me because their children frequently saw said persons facebook account and therefore said person said "I need to be selective about what I let in my house"

holdddddd up. wait, what? pause.

my immediate reaction was pure, livid, anger. for one- because of who it was from. second- after my response of:
" Well, I am 26 years old and do not put up anything that I am embarassed about. There's a reason facebook is for adults and not children so that's fine if you feel that way."

the response i got include, among other words that literally meant nothing to me was "you don't need to be sensitive about it" and the aforementioned: "I need to be selective about what I let in my house"

if any of you know me in real life, you know what kind of person i am. but for those of you who don't have the pleasure of having met me in person let me fill you in:
i don't curse, i don't do drugs, i don't sleep around. i don't drink until i black out, i'm educated, well spoken, polite, and respectful. i'm a teacher, i'm a role model, and people trust me to take care of their children. i don't take pictures of myself in my underwear, i've gotten two speeding tickets in my life, and the one time i got detention in high school i confessed it to my parents because i felt guilty lying about it. oh and i absolutely DESPISE when someone tells me not to be "so sensitive" about anything, ever.

ok, so maybe im a goody two shoes. maybe.

whatever. i'm awesome, so totally not the point right now. my point is that in regards to my facebook, the things i post usually get liked by atleast a few people, not because they're scandalous, and are most definitely not things i would be embarassed about or wouldn't share in real life.  and also, i'm friends with my two teenage nieces on facebook and i NEVER, EVER post anything that i think would reflect badly on me and change the way they look at me as anything other than a positive role model.

some of my photos:

and some of my recent statuses:

keep your heels, head & standards high ♥

If a man has more than 3 tattoos, he's not allowed to tell you he has commitment issues

At a certain point it becomes a little less important who you want to go home with friday night and much more important who you want to spend all day saturday with.
scandulous stuff, i know.

andddd the status that i put after i was notified that my facebook content was inappropriate:

Yep. Facebook is for adults for a reason. If you don't like what I have to say or approve of it, delete me bc I don't give a fuck. This psa brought to you by me, the girl who never curses unless she's really pissed off, as in now.

which was liked by 22 people within 20 minutes.

anywayyyy. you see the funny thing is that kids only know what something means if you tell them, or if they've learned about it somewhere else.
does your five year old know what sex is? how about shit? fuck? stupid? ass? loser? pot? weed? drugs? hmmmm what else could  possibly be a no no for children? you get my point.
see remember before how i mentioned i was a teacher? these are things i have heard out of the mouths of six year olds. IN A SCHOOL.  i've seen shows on the disney channel and nickleodon that are directed to these kids that make references to things i can't believe is even allowed. i see video games that encourage kids to shoot things, and posters showing pre teen musicians bumping and grinding, and barely dressed. so, if you're worried about me being a bad influence on your kids, then you have bigger problems. you should probably start with asking yourself why your kid is on your facebook in the first place, or yet why they might know the meaning of the taboo vocab words i listed above.
oh, and next time you want to call me out as a bad influence, perhaps you shouldn't follow that up with a status about why you think smoking pot is better than getting drunk. because hey, that's totally okay for your kids to be reading on your facebook. righhhhht.
over and out.


  1. Girl, I completely agree! You really put it into perspective. I see kids that are like 8 years old with a facebook page....WHY???? So unnecessary. I think you're an awesome girl with a fantastic mind and good head on your shoulders. Keep doing what you're doing!


  2. Totally agree...I have a cousin who is 12 years old whom I cant believe is on Facebook. I think FB should be for people who are or collage age like it used to be. I cringe at the thought of having FB when I was younger...what a horrible idea.

    Side not - as a parent u have a responsibility of what your children see....example, I don't let my husband play grand theft auto unless my son is sleeping...same way I won't let him have a FB - or whatever is popular - profile unless I am in charge of it.


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