Sunday, February 12, 2012

nail polish, sunshine & good coffee: what it's like to have a sister

Source: via Allison on Pinterest

did you know i have a sister?

most of the time when i start saying something about my sister people usually say:

"what sister? you have a sister?!"

why, yes, yes i do!

growing up she was like this really cool superstar grown up who'd make guest appearances
 in my little kid bubble of a life.

i remember her taking me trick or treating when i was five, and taking me to the movies.
i remember running into my room and locking myself in once because her and her friend were being mean to me when they were supposed to be babysitting. i remember her big hair and her glasses, and wanting to be just like her.

when i was six and she was 18 she moved to california
and forget it:
 she went straight into celebrity status in my mind.

from then on visits to see my sister all over the country were up there in most awesome highlights of my childhood.

because of her i went on a plane without my parents for the first time. she took me to the santa monica pier. she painted my nails and dyed my hair, and let me have velveeta which was a big nono back home. she made me love MAC's rocker nail polish. she's taught me that plans are just things to deviate from, and that dreams aren't so far fetched no matter how unrealistic they might seem to others. she's taught me how to love unconditionally, how to justify a purchase by breaking down the amount paid by how much it was worth ($100= wear it 100 times= 1.00 per day), how to appreciate a good cup of coffee, and how to make my own curtains, scarves and tons of other things. she has been there for countless late night conversations, welcomes me into her home at a moments notice, never kicks me out long after i've overstayed my welcome, and helped put me back together when i felt like things would never be okay again. she encourages me to order dessert when we go out to eat and never makes me feel like my concerns don't matter. we laugh about rediculous things, discuss the right shoes to go out dancing, and the pros and cons of drastic hair ideas until we either convince ourselves it's a good idea or just do it anyway. we practice taking self portraits whenever the chance comes up and could put most caterers to shame with our meal brainstorms, and packaging ideas.
she was with me when i got my first tattoo, exprienced my first tornado, and the day the world was supposed to end. i have countless memories with her and of her, millions of things i've learned from her, and so many amazing things i could tell you about her.

but that's all you really need to know.
she's my sister and she's amazing.

when i was small, she was a grown up who i was lucky to call my sister.

now we're two girlfriends who are even luckier to call each other sister & friend.

she's my willing listener and advice giver in all things
fashion, love and life related.
but more than that she's one of my best friends,
and my very favorite one and only big sister.

happiest birthday to the prettiest, smartest, most wonderful big sister in the whole world!

love you tiana, xo


  1. I love this! So sweet. Happy birthday sister!

  2. This is such a sweet post for your sister, happy Birthday to her!! I'm actually 12 years older than my little sis and we're finally starting to get closer. I can't wait to have our adult friendship like y'all do :)

  3. I love this. From the heart and to the point. You have a way with words. Thank you for the moments that you "share" your sister with me as she has quickly become one of my closest friends and one of the only people I truly trust with all of me. She truly is amazing...and I think her little sister must be as well.


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