Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's ok.

Its Ok Thursdays

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today for another it's ok thursday

whooop, i'm excited and it's been awhile since i linked up for this party :)

it's ok...

... that i was going to make myself a proper meal for lunch, but then decided on one of my favorite comfort foods from when i was little: a bagel, sliced, with melted mozzarella cheese. yum. made in under a min zapping it in the microwave. win.

...that i don't want to pay to get my hair done so im going to be a little risky and highlight my own hair tonight. wish me luck. a little obsessed with my leopard print nails (thanks sally hansen stick ons) even when my dad and brother both made fun of me when they saw them have never watched american idol ever until now. and i kinda love it. feel like i've been on vacation the last few weeks, since i haven't been working

...that now that i have a start date for my first day of work, i kinda wish i had more time off. sleep late, and stay up late. just because i can. LOVE the crunching machine at the gym. because it makes me feel productive. feel more inspired on the elliptical when i have some sassy music playing on my bachata...or 50 cent. yeah.

.... to spray paint everything i can with this shiny copper metallic paint i got because i feel pinterest inspired. my glue gun and i are taking on the craft world. really, really want to be one of those online dating success stories. except it would be much better if 45 year old guys stopped messaging me creepy messages. and...other creepy guys  my age stopped sending me creepy messages.

... to want to message said guys and give them a heads up that they sound like they kidnap people in shady vans on the regular. and the picture of your car doesnt impress me. neither does the pic of you and your abs in the mirror, in your bathroom. don't you have normal pictures? with friends doing things? or friends to take normal pictures of you? i don't understand.

and...that's all folks.

happy thursday!!

p.s. i had no idea it WAS thursday until i saw all the "it's ok" posts on my blogger feed.

ohhh life.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. Happy Thursday! Elliptical machine is always better with new music!

    Ps. Any mail yet? If not I'm afraid I'll have to send another.

  2. That bagel and cheese sounds delicious!
    Good luck with your highlights tonight! I've always been too scared to attempt it have to let us know how it goes! :)


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