Sunday, February 12, 2012

why i refuse to be a bitter betty

I joined in for a link up hosted by one of my favorite bloggers neely
for many of us little bloggers to introduce our blogs to the world and hopefully make some new friends. We could use a post about anything really --
so I decided what better way to introduce myself to you out there who may stop by and visit,
than to ramble on about my theory on valentines day and being single

so take off your shoes, find a good spot to get comfortable and hopefully you'll stay awhile :)

well, i've been watching the notebook all day today.

legit, atleast three times. and i still stand by my opinion that the book is way better than the movie, (and has a way better ending) but i suppose if you've never read the book then the movie is just lovely but makes my heart sad.

and on that note:

so.. valentines day is coming.


wait for it.....

i'm totally okay with it.

are you shocked? because i'm single?

well don't be.

yes, i'm single. and so what? let's be real, sure i'd love to have a boyfriend to do something special with on this official day of demonstrating your love to a special someone, but just because i don't have that right now does not mean i'm going to be one of those jaded girls who hates everyone who does.

and do you know why?

because i'm not alone. i have people who love me every single day. i have parents who think i could fly if i tried hard enough. i have a brother who tells me jokes about corn because he knows they'll make me laugh. i have a sister who sends me care packages just because. i have good friends and random friends and friends who i haven't spoken to in years but they see something that reminds them of me so they facebook me about it.
i've spent valentines day with boyfriends, with friends and on my own.

this year, i'll be spending v day working at a high school, probably watching teenagers awkwardly show off their flowers, balloons and cheesey gifts to each other while discussing the meaning behind the bear with the "iluvu" heart on it, while i'll be sitting at my desk sipping my coffee and enjoying my valentines day appropriate outfit.

which i've obviously already picked out and have hanging up in my closet.  i might even be coordinating it with a super fantastic red ribboned headband with a giant bow i have...which will do nothing to help in my attempt to look like an adult, and will probably contribute to people thinking im a student hanging out in the faculty lounge.

one of these days ill have someone in my life who will want to show me every day how much they care about me -- maybe by leaving me a note in my bag reminding me to have a good day, or turning my car on for me on a cold morning before i have to leave, telling me i look pretty when i wake up, or noticing the way i changed my hair from my usual, or even texting me just to say they were thinking of me -- and on valentines day maybe we'll do something exciting and special, or maybe we'll just hang out at home and make some dinner and watch a movie

but for now, i'm ok. im going to work on tuesday, going to the gym when i get out,  making something decent for dinner and heading out to an event afterwards at a college down the road to meet a group im hoping to volunteer with.

for those of you who have plans-- with a loved one or friends
(who are also your loved ones i'd like to point out) enjoy and have fun!
if you don't have plans--make some.
do your nails, clean your house, grab drinks with a friend, try that recipe you bookmarked to attempt one day, just please for the love of saint valentine, do something besides feel sorry for yourself and hating everyone you know who is happy in their relationship.

love yourself first. cliche delivered, over and out.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


p.s. if you'd like to learn more about me and my ramblings { click here } for the good stuff, xo


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