Monday, November 28, 2011

yes! i finally remembered!


 i finally remembered to recreate the outfit for

make it my own monday

so i could join in the linkup with

Chelsea from hello miss chelsea &
Holly over at running in stilettos

this is the challenge outfit:

i totally rock this outfit all the time

{just minus the belt, but hey I'm always up for any way to get tons of uses out of an outfit
by just changing a part of it to look like a whole new look}

so I knew i'd be able to attempt it from clothes in my own closet

and here's my take on it!

what do you think???

This is one of my favorite shirts- a sheer blousey thing from forever 21
it's usually very loose and flowey, but adding the belt gives it a whole new look

I have a million scarves
and now i kinda wish i had worn a bright color instead,
but i didn't because
 my belt is a seafoam green color with bassy studs all around it
AND i wish the picture was closer
so you could see the details on the belt but im in my jams already in bed so i don't want to get up to take an upclose pic of my belt
soooo lesson learned
 i'll remember these things for next weeks outfit

shirt: forever21
scarf: gap
belt: new york & company
jeggings & gray tank: old navy
boots: torrid
style: allll me :)

true confession:
i actually wore this outfit saturday night to go out, and forgot to take a picture before i left sooo i put it on again when i got back from my trip today and asked my brother to take a picture of please excuse the pale face, lace of makeup-- i just spent hours driving in a car

excited to see what the ladies pick for the next challenge!

happy monday!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. Love the outfit, it looks great on you!!

  2. Love that shirt! So glad you linked up! I'm sure the green belt added a great pop of color! I love how changing just a scarf can make a huge difference in any outfit! Hope you link up next Monday too!


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