Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's ok!

Good Morning lovebugs!
I have new followers so hello, hello & welcome to my little world where I blog about my random thoughts & wishful thinkings, I'm very glad you're here

Its Ok Thursdays

Today I'm linking up with AmberNeely for " It's ok" Thursday...because you know what? Sometimes you have to just give yourself a break and say, it's ok

It's Ok...

.....that my intense dance parties in the car are an instant stress relief no matter how big or small my troubles are

....even though I'm sick, just the thought of swallowing cough medicine makes me cringe

....that I gave up cleaning my room after getting only halfway through, but feel super accomplished anyway. If you saw the state it was in pre half cleaning you'd understand. feel more accomplished at 3 am than at 3pm look forward to reading Suri's Burn Book more than the actual news, because I'd rather start my day smiling rather than reading about all the awful things happening in the world feel super awkward when you see someone you think you know in a random place you wouldn't expect to bump into someone, and have an argument with yourself about whether or not to acknowledge that person or just pretend you don't see them, and debate how rude you are probably being think of September as the beginning of the year instead of January. Hi, after years of experiencing first days of school and new classrooms, nothing says "a fresh start" to me as brand new pens and crisp notebook pages. talk to, wave your hands at, or any other action that causes you to look crazy as all get out at the computer when you read an email, are filling out an application or reading a text from someone, that just makes you crazy. As if they could hear you or see what you're doing. get annoyed when you text someone and they call you back to respond. I texted you for a reason. Why are you calling me?!. pick books based on their covers & wine according to their labels. Listen, they say you make your first impression on a person within the first 20 and books are people to me. It's pretty, I want it. wish there was more than just one day (technically weekend) a year for people to dress up in costumes..I sure do love a good reason to wear Minnie Ears or something equally whimsical during my every day activities have my kids names picked out already...despite the fact it'll be years until those kids exist...and my future husband will probably have his own ideas...hmm. wonder exactly how many people really think about you on a daily basis wish you could read minds. Don't you ever wonder what people are really thinking about you when you're talking to them about something? have faith in something..even if it seems far fetched. Sometimes I get feelings, and they tend to end up coming true whether or not I believed in them. This ones a good something so maybe... wish someone I know had someone wonderful to set me up with wonder if there's something in the water, and I didn't drink it. 15 engagements and the year isn't even over yet? WHAT is going onnnn? be single. Yeah everyone else is happily living in a relationship bubble.I'm figuring me out, one day at a time.

The end.

haha, that was a long one, sorry!

Hope you all have a wonderful day

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. i hate cough medicine! it is so disgusting! and I also wonder how many people think about you in a day?

  2. Dancing in the car is the best!!

  3. hooray for being single, in due time it happens, right?! :)

    i have picked my kids' names out too lol

    and suri's burn book makes me laugh every day!

  4. Ugh, I HATE when people call me after I text them! So annoying. I hate talking on the phone so much. ♥


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