Monday, November 7, 2011


About a month ago I wrote this post. Since then I have opened my blog up to the public..both to you out there who I haven't met, and to the people I know in real life. I am so happy to have new followers, but I don't expect you to go back to the beginning to read my old posts (but if you feel like it that's cool too) so i've decided to every so often post one of my old posts for you to read...because I happen to think I'm witty and clever and my posts shouldn't go to waste :)

So to start this walk down posts pasts, here you gooo, read & enjoy!

I read an article in my Cosmo the other day about a girl who decided to take a road trip all by herself, and how she had this huge revelation about herself, because she decided to drive through a couple of states on. her. own.

now, while some people were probably super impressed by this adventurous girl, I really wasn't. The simple fact is that I take road trips on my own quite frequently. Not only do I take road trips by myself, but I go to the beach alone, out to restaurants alone, go shopping alone, heck, when the urge even strikes me I go jogging walk around the neighborhood all by my lonesome. I have even contemplated going to the movies: small popcorn and ticket for one, please.

Don't get the wrong idea about me, I'm not a loner without any friends. I have friends, near, far, acquaintances, best friends, school friends, work friends-- you get my point. But I happen to enjoy my own company. Sometimes I don't want someone elses opinion of how a shirt looks on me, and talking my ear off when I just want to be people watching. I don't like to have to go by someone elses schedule or timeline when it isn't necessary. When I head off on a trip, I am thrilled to be alone in my car. I listen to whatever music I want, sing as loud as I want to, stop to look at anything that catches my eye as often as I please, you get my point.

I am very rarely ever home alone. I have a super close family who always wants to know what I'm doing practically every minute of the day. Since moving back home, I've tried time and time again to convince my parents that it is not ok to just walk into my room whenever they please. I can't have company over without my parents wanting to talk to said person, and god help me if I ever ever ever again find a boyfriend and want to have him spend the night (my parents will forever think of me as their 10 year old baby- despite the obvious fact that I am clearly an adult *or at least I should be*) You might be reading this and thinking god your family is annoying, but actually I don't think that at all. It's how I grew up, and I'm used to it. I adore my parents, and frankly so does everyone who meets them, and I wouldn't change them for anything. Same goes for my sibs. My younger brother is my best friend and here's hoping the next guy I get involved with is well liked by my baby bro, because if not, well...I've gone down that road before.

Anyway...I digress. My point with that mention of my family is that, at home, I am never alone, ever. That's how my doing things alone started, really. In college I rarely had my dorm room to myself, same thing when I moved into my sorority house. Going out and doing things just with my inner dialogue for company became something I did to get some time alone. I enjoy reading a book at a table for one while eating at a restaurant no one I know wants to try out. I like going to a store and deciding to buy a dress, based on my own opinion and no one elses. and road trips?! Forget it...I love it. how do you think I got to my sisters house in Virginia beach? I got myself in my car and drove the 9 or so hours it takes to get here. SOLO. BY MYSELF. ON MY OWN...and I loved every second of it. Sure I eventually get bored and need to speak to another person for a bit, so I do. and then off I go again on my solo journey. and you know what? it's a great feeling. i feel accomplished and excited and at peace with my own company...and I'm guessing that's sorta how Amelia Earhart felt the first time she flew solo across the Atlantic, except it was probably wayyy more dramatic for her, being that she was in a plane and all....without a phone...and roadside stops and music...well you know where i was going with that :)

moral of the story: be your own friend. enjoy your own company. don't be afraid to do something on your own. you can't always be waiting for someone else to decide that they want to see that super cheesy vampire chick flick with go buy your ticket for one and enjoy the fact that no one else will be fighting you for the arm rest or sticking their hands in your popcorn :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


  1. I live at home too..i moved back when I started grad school and my family is the same way. I have my own space, but it usually doesn't stay that way! it's annoying some times, but worth it all the time.

  2. I live alone... (and refuse to pay for cable) and people never understand and are constantly questioning me. They are like "Dont you get bored??? What do you do when you're home!?" I'm like well a) i'm rarely ever home except to sleep! and b) i have hobbies and i do my own thing! haha


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