Friday, November 18, 2011

random thoughts from a random girl

good morning lovebugs!

I woke up freezing & coughing and have not gotten out of bed yet or turned on my tv..oh the joys of only working part time....but not for much longer!!

 because this little miss :

has found herself a semi regular day job :) 

 soo since i'm being a bum i figured now is as a good time as any for some friday randoms
  • when all else fails, I wear leopard

  • whenever i eat i like to have one napkin on each side of my plate
  • when I was little I used to think a serial killer was someone who ran around supermarkets literally slicing up the boxes in the cereal aisle

Source: via Jinny on Pinterest

  • I despise milk. haven't drank it since I was barely two, when I apparently refused it and never looked back.
  • i much prefer lowercase letters than uppercase
  • i really can't stand when people abbreviate words in text messages. for example: to: 2, you're: u r, probably: get my point.

  • also, on my list of texting, and while i'm at it facebook posting annoyances.. when you answer me with a "kk", or spell things like you as yu, or yew. really? really?
  • i don't like cookies or candy, which is ironic since i bake them all the time for other people. I also only like soft serve ice cream or the custardy whip thing they have at ritas, no regular ice cream for me. my one exception is the edy's ( i think that's the brand, the one with the striped lid?) holiday egg nogg & peppermint candy flavor. yumsss.
  • i love uno. the game, not the pizza place. and i've never played it until I started working at my after school program

  • i know leggings aren't pants...but i like to pretend they are anyway and wear them all the time
  • I used to think pickles were awful when i was little but randomly started loving them when i snagged one from my roommates stash in the house one night. same thing with coffee. college will do strange things to you.
  • i'm not one of those girls that freaks out about bugs or mice..but i literally run away in fear when I see a slug. and trust me, i've seen gigantic, logic defying, monstrous slugs. i think it's in the water around here

  • i whole heartedly believe my pup riley will start talking to me any day now. he just looks at me like he gets it! what a guy, he loves me unconditionally and i'm not even a very good mommy
  • i can't do a cartwheel, or swim above water, or win at rockband....but I can read a book in a day, make personalized cards, and doggy paddle like nobodies business :)
  • i like to pick my blogs like i pick my wines & books, by their titles and pretty packaging
  • i kinda don't really like my blog title.. but I couldn't think of anything super catchy on the spot and it made sense at the time..time to brainstorm maybe
  • i took italian for years in elementary school, middle school & high school...and I remember very few words..but my favorite is andiamo! which I use all the time

  • speaking of languages...i used to speak spanish fluently when I was a wee tiny babe, but apparently forgot it all as I got older (and didn't speak it in school) It's one of my biggest regrets, and I'm determined to be fluent again, and i've really improved lately! and it really really realllllly upsets me when people say I can't be a TESOL teacher because " you don't speak spanish" umm, pretty sure not every one who wants to learn english speaks spanish. i don't speak mandarin either, do you? nope. didn't think so.
  • but...don't think you can make the mistake of talking about me in spanish in front of me. because I understand every word you're saying. and occasionally will comment on whatever it is you're saying about me either in english..or in the spanish I've been practicing in my head the entire time I've been listening to you. (yep, this has happened, and people are always surprised)
  • my parents speak to me in spanglish all day, every day. i'm not even sure if they notice when they do, but it's like I have an automatic translator in my head and rarely have no idea what they're talking about
  • the sound of a phone vibrating makes me nuts, especially when I'm sleeping. which is why i keep it on silent most of the time and therefore don't see any of my missed calls or messages until I wake up. which therefore makes the point of having the phone near me in case of emergency pointless, bc i miss it anyway. as my dad likes to say "it's like having a grandmother, but she's dead"
  • speaking of my dad, have you ever seen the dos equis commercials with the most interesting man in the world? they based him on my dad. he's like the dad in the movie big fish, that has a million random stories about his life and you're not sure which ones are really true but then you find out they're all true because he's just that awesome. yep, that's my dad.
Source: via Micah on Pinterest

  • i hate flying. terrified in fact. and yet ironically i used to want to be a pilot.
i sure can think of lots of random things to say apparently...

anddd now i think ill go make some mac and cheese for lunch since it's been one whole day since I had some. nomnomnommms

hope you're all having a wonderful day out there in the world !

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. Ha! This post totally made me smile tonight. I'm all about lower case letters over uppercase, too!

    And...andiamo is one of my FAVE Italian words. I can't believe I actually used the phrase "andiamo a letto" when I was in Italy {at the urging of my friends} I was semi-fluent when I went to Europe in 2006...and now? I can't remember hardly anything :(

  2. I am with you on the texting abbreviations! I used to let it slide until I heard a girl say "Prolly" in everyday out loud conversation!

  3. lol i saw YEW ALL THE TIME thats because im a nerd and i like to speak/text funnAY.


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