Wednesday, November 23, 2011

oh how pinteresting!!


goooood morning and welcome to "oh how pinteresting" wednesday!!

im linking up with michelle over at the vintage apple

i seriously am addicted to pinterest...
BUT i am proud to say i've actually created some things ive pinned on my diy board:
like my scarf organizer and infinity scarf :)

i know, pure genius right?! why didn't i think of this before?

ignore my pale skin and under eye circles awkward face, please notice my awesome infinity  scarf!

so let's see what my favorite pins for this week have been so far:

what do you need?

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

no really, it is.

i would seriously enjoy a faux fur vest, even if my brother says i'd look like a bear (he means it nicely..maybe.)
Source: via Holly on Pinterest

likeee tonight at karaoke :)

god, i wish.

so true. have you seen my "it's never to soon to plan right? " pinboard?!

go see " in time" you'll thank me later.
jt, shirtless, shooting a gun.
you're welcome.

Source: via Sylvie on Pinterest

i prefer to think of it as awesome. and prepared

i look like this on a daily basis because of the most random things

as a new found friend said to me tonight "i have the rest of my life to work my life away, tonights kind of a weekend"

Source: via Kailin on Pinterest

just breathe.

that's what i do :)

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

i can think of more than one person this could apply to.
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

did you see my post about things i don't need more of?  read it { here }
that was just the tip of the iceberg. im not even kidding

i can't even remember what that was like. i lost that memory somewhere along with what life was like before internet and cell phones.

im only subbing now, and working at an after school program, BUT this still applies.

You never really know how much of an effect you have on your students...i still remember the day my 7th grade math teacher said i was stupid because i didn't understand an equation.
and i remember my 2nd grade teacher comforting me after she found me crying in the hallway after i peed in my pants during gym. all teacher make an impact, we all just need to remember that sometimes and think about if we want to make a positive of negative one on a student.

my pinspiration!!!

i adore bows. anywhere. anytime.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

yeah, im behind the times and only saw the final installement of harry potter this past weekend.
and god i loved it.

funfetti cake batter fudge? yes please. you think people would believe this was me if i sent it out as my holiday card?

did you pin anything aweseome this week?
anddd if you're not on the pinterest wagon, would you like to be?
send me your email and ill send you an invite
with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


  1. Over from the blog hop!
    I love all the someecards pins... Those are always so hilarious!!!

  2. Great pins! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. i am addicted to they just know exactly how you feel! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. You asked about my Wild Things T shirt!! :) I got it 2 years ago from Zumies (who knew a skater store would carry such a cute t shirt right?) Anyway they are all the web too check out Junk Food Tee shirts they have a great selection!


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