Sunday, November 27, 2011

sometimesssss i get a goood feeelinggggggg

first off, i see i have some new readers over there ------->

hii, i'm so happy you're here :)

i'm back from my weekend away: happy, exhausted, and already wishing I could go back tomorrow...

i can't even begin to describe the events of the weekend so here's a little highs/fails run down for you:


epic car dance parties

making new friends

going back to old stomping grounds

 butterflies from the possibility of someone new

live bands

 walking down thayer st on a beautiful warm november day

crazy dance parties

avocado quesadilla pizza

my new alex and ani bangles

waking up happy on saturday morning

 hands fitting just right

hearing "hola tesoro" from my grandma in uruguay

getting caught in the middle of illegal street racing

 best friend quality time

having some of the best conversations ever with good friends

facetiming at 230 in the morning

glittery shirts

 awesome leggings

dance parties with friends and random strangers

coming home and finding my nail swap package from my partner waiting for me

stell & stell : happy birthday lovebug!

my jj! 2nd friend at college, across the hall upstairs/downstairs neighbor, sister & fellow wawa lover


waking up freezing on sunday morning

my bangs not holding up in humidity

not having an iphone

ripping former awesome leggings

weird smell in spare room from the former occupant

not cute sweaty hair

being kept awake by one of missys roommates and his friends until 5:30 am and hoping to god I

wasn't that obnoxious when i was his age

i hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as i did

i must go to sleep now, my sleepy eyes are telling me so

goodnight loves

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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