Sunday, November 6, 2011

random thoughts from today

Have you ever noticed just how many random thoughts you have in a day?
Well, I don't know about you but I have tons and tons.
here are just a few of mine from today:

i desperately would like some red jeans

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when i must take cough medicine, i like to pretend it's really a shot of something yummy

happy feet two? yes please.

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i really wish i liked turkey. apparently it's one of those lunch meats people always assume everyone likes and always have on hand.
I want to eat mac and cheese entirely too often but i'm ok with it

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I'm watching freedom writers right now and decided that lady who plays dolores umbridge in harry potter and is also in freedom writers, bothers me. like nails on a chalkboard bothers me. I wonder if she has that effect on people in real life?

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lately all the shows i like watching are about crime solving: csi: ny & las vegas, bones, SVU, criminal minds...see a pattern? I've abandoned my obsession with watching greys anatomy the night it's on and am totally ok catching it on my on demand days later.

beside all the crime shows, i've discovered pan am and once upon a time and love them, making me simultaneously want to live in a fairytale and be a 1960's pan am stewardess.

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i don't like regular white bread  and will only eat it if it's toasted. i've spent too many years working at panera and am a bread snob now as a result. three cheese asiago? fresh out of the oven french baguette? sea salt sprinkled foccacia? yums.

i want cowboy boots. authentic ones.

i need to go through my friends list on the book of faces and clear outtttt.

my little brother is my best friend and cracks me up on a regular basis.

steve wards rule #1, dont be weird. i do get weird. i should probably work on that...

i closed the bar last night. that hasnt happened in a loooong time.

i also went to the bar alone. who goes to the bar alone? AND i went at 1:30 in the am. besides the fact that my brother works there and i know the bartenders, i still went with all intentions of being alone at the bar...which never happens because going there is like attending a high school reunion every single time. never fails.

i love the fact that bars here don't close until 4.

james franco? perfection. I hear he's single again. heres my chance!

 i think i'm about ready to start dating again. like for real dating. like let's go to dinner and bowling and call me when you say you will and wake up next to each other, hold hands, run random errands, hang out with your friends, snuggle up on the couch together during a rainy day and watch a movie, dating.

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forgot to take my makeup off last night. bad for my skin. good for the second day smokey eye i have going on right now.

i'm on my sixth day of not drinking soda and haven't caved in yet, surprisngly.

im supposed to be thinking about grad school and have halfway completed about five applications. I always quit when i get to the page about writing an essay saying why i want to go to grad "because i'm an unemployed teacher and my parents are making me" not a good response? eh.

Funny Graduation Ecard: I admire your relentless drive to further your education and avoid real work.

anddd those are my daily ramblings of my day so far.

with a heart full of hope and a mind full of dreams

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  1. love mac and cheese no matter what day or time it is! and I am watching Pan Am right now! I DVRd it for like 6 episodes before I watched and had a I can't wait for a week for a new episode! (plus i love crime shows especially SVU and Criminal Minds!)


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