Monday, November 14, 2011

true confession

True confession:

I broke up with my first love through a text message.


You read that right.

I, broke up with my boyfriend of 5 1/2 years, through a text message.

{ pause to think that over for a moment }

yep. i really did that.

And because of this, it's how I know that karma is real, and she's a nasty bitch.

Because then....

{ .......wait for it }

my second love, broke up with me, in a text message.

{ Were you shocked again? }

Yes, my boyfriend of 5 1/2 years broke up with me through a text message.

Notice a pattern here?

let me atleast clarify that I am not a bad person,
although now that you found out about this you may think differently...

Granted, when I did it, it was after many attempts at having civil conversations face to face and on the phone discussing my unhappiness and need to end things. He disagreed and tried even harder to make things right, which in turn just made me both more irritable and also feeling guilty that I couldn't change the way I felt.

{ sigh }

When it happened to me it was after we spent entirely too much time trying to put back together a relationship that was dead and over the second he decided to sleep with one of his coworkers while I was at home hoping he'd get an earlier flight back from a business trip in texas.

{ apparently, you can forgive, buttt you definitely don't forget }

 all that aside, next time you decide that you'd like to end your relationship with someone, try to remember that it's not all about you:
the other person is actually a living, breathing human being.

i kind of forgot that part. and i'm not one bit proud of it.
and i am sorry for that.

and karmas for real and might turn around and bite you in the butt.

i clearly forgot that part too.

Breakups are tricky, complex, and confusing. And if you don't handle them with a little bit of compassion you might have the other person start referring to you as "the devil" in conversations with your friends and family
( like my 1st love did)

or have them regret the day they met you at a random fraternity party (like I do, with my 2nd love)

or have them freak out in front of your friends about it like carrie did in the episode where berger broke up with her in a post it

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. This is a little bit crazy -the fact that you wrote about Karma. I have had it in my heart/mind to write about Karma, within the last few days. While randomly participating in "Mingle Mondays," I decided to look at your blog. :) And, I loved your post...

    Thank you for writing your heart's truth. Love it.


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