Monday, November 21, 2011

garage sale, yard sale, closet cleanout, whatever you want to call it, just look!

As you can tell from my post yesterday, I am doing a little spring cleaning...

{ Winter style }
Most of my stuff is being donated to my church, 
or my dad is taking it with him to Uruguay next week to pass out to family and friends we have there who could use it

BUT some of it I'm putting up for sale on ebay!

Let's be for real here..I can use all the extra money I can get. 
 Some of my stuff is either new, or like new condition and the only reason I haven't worn it is because it's the wrong size, doesn't fit or I don't have a need for it anymore.

I've seen some of the blogs I follow host a blog sale and list everything up on their blogs. I'd like to reach as many people I can, so I'm going to post a link for my ebay listings on here, on my twitter and on facebook.

Hopefully you guys can check it out, and maybe there's something on there you'd like right?
OR even if you don't see something for yourself, maybe you'd like to get it for someone else...the holidays are coming up you know!

How does that saying go? One mans treasure is another mans treasure ?  ; )

I'm working my way through a seriously huge pile, so even if you don't see anything you'd like now, check back every so often and maybe there will be something else that catches your eye!

i promise, if i list a pony, it'll be life sized :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. haha I Love that ebay print, so funny! I may have to check out your listings (even though I need to save $! lol) Good luck making some money!

  2. I'm loving some of the shoes you have listed! And as luck would have it, we are the same size :) Of course I need to be saving money, not spending.


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