Thursday, November 10, 2011

thankful thursday

i've been seeing this prompt about being thankful floating around on a bunch of blogs I read so I thought i'd give it a chance myself since really you shouldn't wait until thanksgiving to recognize the things you are thankful for

What I'm  t h a n k f u l  for {thursday edition}:

Today I'm t h a n k f u l for...
this girl.
may 2005
meet my best friend missy. this is the first picture we ever took together ohhh about six years ago. weird how time flies. random fact: this was at a graduation party in may. please take note of the winter coats we're wearing...freak weather for real. good thing i happened to move my stuff into the house across the street from this one the day before and was able to dig out sweatshirts and coats for us.
she notices when a day goes by and i don't talk to her. she dosen't mind that i text her about six times in the middle of the night about pure nonsense. she also dosent mind that  post inappropriate "texts from last night", someecards, and plain ridiculousness on her fb for all to see. she is never mean to me & even if she is i tell her so and she does the same to me and then we get over it. she lets me believe in hope, true love and a future where we both find our soulmates, and she dosent fill me up with cliches about how it'll happen when we least expect it because she knows how much i hate that and knows it makes it that much worse. she texts me when she sees a boy wearing plaid bc she knows i love them. she has dreams & hopes and is one of those people that i think deserves more credit than she gets, and deserves to have all her dreams come true and as soon as possible. rarely does a day go by that we don't talk, and when something awful, ridiculous, wonderful, important,unimportant or completely irrelevant happens shes one of the first people i immediately need to share with. hi stell, if youre reading this!

july 2011

today i'm  t h a n k f u l  for...

my health.

yes, i am not fit by any means. yes, i definitely need to lose weight...but only for my own well being, not to fit into a size 2. i was born premature. so many things could have been affected by that and my life could have been so much different. do i get sick entirely too often? yes. but i have seen children suffering from malnutrition, neglect, and sickness. i have known people who have died unexpectedly and entirely too soon because of health issues. i have two legs and two arms and a mind and body that can take me from point a to b. they let me hug my parents, and throw a ball. they help me climb flights of stairs without struggling and swim, run, and play.

today i am t h a n k f u l for:

modern medicine
Source: via Betty on Pinterest

no joke. i was miserable and sick for days before i could go to the doctor. within an hour of taking the medicine he prescribed me I was 80% better. unbelievable. what did people do before they discovered penicillin....and how is it possible that there are people in countries all over the world suffering because they don't have access to such things and die from a simple cold? how is that ok to have so much and for others to have so little?  its not. so definitely not.

today i am t h a n k f u l for :

my parents
meet rudy & lucy. i may be a little biased in saying theyre the best parents ever. they totally could have kicked me out by now, sent me out into to the world and told me to survive on my own, or made me keep a job i hated just to teach me a lesson. and yet they haven't. they apparently love having me at home, ask me if im coming back yet the day after i go away, and answer the phone to me at all hours of they day and night. yesterday my mom asked me if i would meet someone she wanted to set me up with...and that she was going to start finding me dates on her commute home. my dad calls me when i'm out at the bar to ask me if im going to be bringing anyone home with me, and to let him know so he can distract my mom so i can sneak that person into the house. mind you, i've yet to actually bring someone home with me from the bar, but good to know.
they didnt kill me when i told them after four years in college, a move and two jobs- that i in fact hated what i was doing and wanted to go back to school. they think im funny, beautiful, smart and that i can be a lawyer, teacher, doctor, baker, actress, comedian, party planner, writer, anything i want to be on, any given day.
i count the days until they go away on vacation, but as soon as they leave i always want them to hurry up and come back home. i may pretend to be an adult, but im really just a kid that thinks her parents hung the moon.

today i'm t h a n k f u l for

books. libraries. & my love of reading

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

some people play video games. i read. and read. and read. when i have to stop reading in the middle of a good part i feel like i paused a movie at the moment of a cliffhanger. i had to start wearing glasses when i was little because i used to read books in the dark with only my nightlight, i just couldnt put the books down. while others take weeks to finish a book, i take ten out at a time from the library. i carry one with me all the time, and never understand how people buy magazines to read on a trip, because a book is so much better. the stories become real to me, the characters are real people. the places, cultures, jobs and situations open up worlds for me that I imagine experiencing myself some day.

today i'm t h a n k f u l for:


Source: via nash on Pinterest

i dont care what anyone says, i love facebook. all stalker tendencies aside, this thing legit helps me keep track of everyone i know, ever. yes, people take the importance of facebook to a whole other know, if it's on facebook it must be true...orrrr the oh so coveted facebook official relationship status.
but think of all the good things facebook does? promotes causes, small businesses, and community appreciation. it helps you stay in touch with all those people you meet in college who moved all over the world after graduation. it helps older generations connect with the younger generations in their families. my dad who moved here from uruguay over 30 years ago, got a friend request from the girl who played the role opposite him in a play in second grade. i mean really? tell me that's not awesome. and let's be honest here, tell me that when you get a friend request from someone who you seriously dislike (a bully, an ex, an old boss, or family member) you don't feel a little bit of joy when you click the decline option. i know i do. you made my life hell, or walk out of it without a single bit of remorse...why would i want to let you know anything about what im doing with my life now? nope, noo thanks.

today i am t h a n k f u l for:

being a girl in this day & age

Source: via Carolyn on Pinterest

Source: via Jayne on Pinterest

while i do love the fashions throughout the ages, i can't help but think we ladies have it pretty good right now. we can vote, we can wear skirts or pants, we can speak our minds, become ceos of companies, freely have access to birth control, become doctors, and pilots, presidents of universities or supermodels, walk any career path you can imagine. we can change our hair color, the length, change our looks every single day. we can express ourselves, walk freely, date who we want, be friends with who we want, and make the choices we want to make. we can run our households and run a company. today, women can do anything they want to do. we have evolved and have opportunities available to us that were unimaginable just a few generations ago. be grateful ladies, and don't take your freedoms for granted.

today i'm t h a n k f u l for:

my life.

i've said it before and i'll say it again. enjoy your life. you think yours sucks? then change it. do something about it. fix it. you can't just wait for things to happen. live every single moment of your life. treat every day as a gift and as if it might be your last. make it count. don't be afraid of getting older, rather..enjoy it. it's a privilege denied to many. could my life be better? sure it could. but it also could be a hell of a lot worse. so im thankful for the one i have.

that's all. i could go on and on because really there are so many more people & things i am grateful for, but i don't want to burn you guys out on an overload of things...the month is still new, and it's a good time to be thankful for things in your life.

so...what are you all thankful for?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. What a great post ~ I love taking time to think about all our blessings ~

  2. I love this post!!!!!!

    Lots of great things to be thankful for. It's nice to just sit back once in a while and think of all of our blessings.

    And I so wish I had that library in that picture, haha.


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