Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a city adventure in under three hours

Today I ventured into the city for a job interview.

Now to be clear I went into Brooklyn for my interview which turned out to not be an interview at all but actually a mini workshop that took all of half an hour and ended with me leaving happily with my new employee i.d. card. 

After that I went into the city to kill time and take the LIRR home.

here are some random observations & encounters I observed or experienced while there:

1. ride inside, get there alive...this psa brought to you by the mta. Good thing they warned me because I was planning on just grabbing hold of the doors and seeing what happened

this isn't me, i found it on google...but that is the sign and that girl looks exactly how i felt reading it

2. The lady  who sat in front of me while I ate lunch was in fact breast feeding her 3 day old child in au bon pain...in full view of her entire family..and everyone else in the place. I have mixed feelings about this. Something about not wanting to see a strangers boob while I'm eating. I understand it's natural and all that, but isn't your breast cold? don't you maybe want to cover it up with one of those privacy things they sell for this exact purpose?

like this thingy no?

3. i had extra time before my interview and I desperately needed some coffee so I ducked into a McDonalds to hang out & partake in some not so good for you breakfast.
This is what happened next...
my total was 5.87..I handed
the woman a $20 and she asked me if a had smaller bills. " No I'm sorry I don't" "you don't?" "no..I don't think i do.."  she rolled her eyes at me "are you sure?" " umm (me digging around in my bag, discovering a random $5 bill) oh i do!, there you go" anddd she proceed to ignore me for the next five minutes while I stood there awkwardly wondering if she remembered that I ordered coffee. She didn't say one word to me while I waited. then she just kinda shoved my coffee at me and walked away. ok..did I do something to offend you miss? And also, why are you harassing me for "a smaller bill" ? it's not like i handed you a $100, if i knew I had a smaller one I would've used it.
Also, my sausage, egg & cheese biscuit did not have cheese. apparently they don't come like that anymore..anyone notice they changed the sign? nope not meee!
see the cheese? how deceptive.

4. apparently, it was summer in the city. i ended up taking off my cardigan and walking in my sleeveless dress and still wasn't even chilly. Actually I was unbelievably hot & sweaty. gross.

5. Besides being hot & sweaty during my interview thing, I managed to take THE BEST PICTURE for my employee i.d. !!! BEST I.D. PICTURE I'VE EVER TAKEN! It even surpassed my awesome rhode island drivers license picture which was the running champion out of all the i.d. pics
I have. Remember, I've attended a whole lot of colleges, and lived in more than one state.

6. While having lunch, finding out my refillable cup isn't refillable. I'm sorry I don't understand..why is it in a refillable cup if I'm not allowed to refill it? I thought that was the point in picking the fountain drink instead of the bottled drink.

7. Waiting in the subway station for your train to come, feels like you're hearing the world end above you..it's crazy.

8. no one liked the know it all kid when they were in class. apparently when you're supposed to be a grown up, no one likes the know it all grown up either. hey blonde girl? stop showing off.

9. pop up farmers markets on sunny days are amazing

andddd the final, possibly worst thing I got to witness today...

we got called in one by one today to meet with the personnel person..so when you finished you came back out through where the rest of us were waiting. this one particular gem, who looked like she decided to not wash her hair for the last three weeks and wore jeans to a business casual interview, and who continued to go on and on about her guaranteed position in a school because the principal there thought she was just simply amazing...i digress.

as she walked back out after her turn, one guy said bye good luck to her, like we had all been doing for every other person who had gone in before us. she turned around and came back:

awful girl: " i don't need luck"
nice guy: "oh, umm. ok"
awful girl: " i have a principal who is dying to have me in their school"
nice guy: " i think we all do, that's why we're here"
awful girl: ( picture this being said in the rudest, 'i'm better than you' voice you can imagine)
" yeah well  I have tons of experience, I've been working in a Yeshiva. So now I'm going from teaching snobby jews to inner city kids. that's really awesome. " then she walked away.

the three of us sitting & waiting just looked at each other. the girl sitting across from me says "did she really just say that? how did she know I wasn't jewish?" I said "that was the strangest response to a good luck I've ever witnessed." nice guy says " i don't even know...let's just let it go"

I'm sorry you random annoying girl. i thought we had to take a morals test before this interview. that included questions regarding anti semitism.
I hope my future kids never have you as a teacher.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. i worked at mcd's for 7 years and that was a few years ago and we never made Sausage Egg biscuits with cheese...people would order it all the time though...wonder if it was a regional thing? cheese makes everything better! :)


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