Thursday, November 24, 2011

it's ok...gobble, gobble

Its Ok Thursdays

happy thanksgiving everyone!
i hope you're all enjoying the holiday with your friends & family
and stuffing your faces with lots of delicious goodies that require you to wear stretchy pants and fall into a sudden food coma  :)

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it's ok...

...that i planned my thanksgiving eve outfit based on things i haven't been able to find in months

...that i came home and found the entire outfit within five minutes even though i've been looking for them all for months in my room and couldn't find them

...that i decided to wear my hair up to go out for the first time in forever because i knew i was going to be a sweaty mess among the masses of people and wanted to try to prevent the hot mess my hair would eventually turn into

...that i fought with my sock bun for about an hour because i wanted a ballerina bun

...that after i got dressed, put my makeup on, and was ready to leave i decided i wanted to have bangs like this:

so i cut myself some:

i wish this was a clearer picture, but you get the point

...that i may or may not have awkwardly shouted ( and maybe even pointed ) at people i haven't spoken to in years from across the bar, just to say hi {thanksgiving eve ...aka...high school reunion}

...the until yesterday i couldn't remember the last time i washed my hair and was getting a litttttle too comfortable using my tresemme dry shampoo

... that using public bathrooms skeeves me out, and the fact that i went into the stall after a girl came out of it and said "that toilet seat is disgusting, just warning you" made me almost decide to take my chances holding it in til i went home

...that i remembered that i'm me, and would be at the bar until way after it closed so holding it in wasn't really an option

...that i cleaned the toilet seat myself, like i do every time i use a public toilet, and decided that the girl before me and every single girl who used it before her was super gross for not cleaning it off in the first place, regardless of if they were squatting to use it or not

...that i just talked about bodily functions and personal hygiene a whole lot in the last two minutes of typing

...that my family doesn't celebrate thanksgiving traditionally and i'm ok with that. we have dinner together every single day, and every day i'm thankful for them.

...that when i have a home of my own (and hopefully a family of my own) i plan on hosting huge thanksgiving dinners and inviting my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my friends and their families, AND asking them all to bring someone with them who doesn't have somewhere or someone to spend the holiday with...because even though it doesn't bother me that we don't have big dinners now with our family, i remember we used to when i was little because we had a ton of extended family nearby and i used to look forward to it, i do appreciate all of the offers from friends who have invited my family to join theirs today for dinner and company.

that's all for now folks

enjoy your turkey & your families

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. OOoh you cut your own bangs? I love it. Wish the picture was a bit more clear but your bangs look really cute!

  2. Your family sounds like a lot of fun! Also, do sock buns really work?! I have light layers in my hair, so even though they're not chunky, I'm terrified of trying to use a sock bun in fear that I'll hassle with it for three hours and it will

    Found you through blog hopping and love your blog!

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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