Thursday, November 17, 2011

hey, it's ok

good morning friends!

Its Ok Thursdays

I'm linking up with AmberNeely for "it's ok thursday"
So let's dish shall we?  and see what's ok today..
because I say so :)

It's Ok...

.... to wear bows in your hair, even if you are 26 & not actually 6

... to try on a million outfits and then end up wearing the first one you started with dance it out, anywhere, any time, even if you have no music, and are completely and totally lacking in rhythm ( such as myself) really enjoy wearing your uggs, if only because you think you look like you have bear feet when you do, and find that super entertaining watch the twilight movies over and over without getting sick of them. judge me all you want, I really love them have gotten used to wearing leggings so often that you are surprised when you put on a pair of normal pants and the waistbands doesn't stretch think you might be crazy at some point during the day. like i do right now.

...that I finally watched last weeks episode of Grey's...and I wasn't that blown away by it like everyone else apparently was according to the posts on my fb newsfeed &, they've been losing me for awhile now and I was a die hard fan, shame. oh and sorry if this is a spoiler for anyone that hasn't seen it yet..but for real with the killing off of main characters already? like enough people haven't died on that show? ugh. rude. feel slightly awkward when you see a person who was in your dream and think that they in some way will be able to know what happened in your dream...awkward. completely forget all the wonderful things you wanted to blog about the second you sit down to write still be freaked out watching american horror story, even after the fifth episode. yep, i am terrified but can't look away.

...that my brother thinks i'll find a new boyfriend when i go start grad school, and to secretly almost believe him

... to seriously want to punch some people in the face for being just plain awful, even though you've never thrown a punch in your life

... to consider playing wii tennis your workout for the day

I could go on and on but I'm sure you have places to go so I'll stop now :)

have a great day lovebugs!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. New follower from It's OK link up! I wish I could rock a bow, I totally would!!

  2. Haha I can totally relate with trying on 100 outfits and ending up wearing the first one. I do that more often then I should!

    Have a good weekend :)


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