Sunday, November 13, 2011

my {favorite} somethings

my { favorites } of this weekend
 ...because really, who doesn't like superlatives?
(says the girl who was nominated for "cutest couple" senior year)

" there is a different kind of love one that gives you courage to be better then you are
and that makes you think a n y t h i n g  is possible.
.... I want you to hold out for it. " - nights in rodanthe

actually it's a tie between: leggings from rainbow shop. 6 dollars. best leggings ever, im not kidding even a little bit andddd  my revlon memory heat styler. im having the best hair day in my life... for the last two days.

mustache reference:

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

Joe, the new barback at the bar. i've stalked his life about 9,349,003 times this weekend in order to have him say things like "elllo, gov'ner" and "cheeeeerioo" to me. and the way i typed that? that's how I hear him saying it in my head. fun fact: he wasn't even working the whole weekend, but lucky for me he happened to come in on his day off "for a pint", and i happen to have moved into the place, apparently.


random blast from the past:
seeing my high school boyfriend. glad we've moved on from the place where he used to hate me and refer to me as "the devil" in every day conversations with other people. now we're just awkward and talk about safe topics like my parents, me being short, and him living my dream life up in boston.

surprise visitor:

injury from having too much of a good time:
well, the bruise on my leg is pretty spectacular

last minute makeup decision:
mr. lover. #10, sephora collection. trust me. get it.

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

proof that I'm not old and boring:
closed out the bar at 6am w a friend, my brother and the other bartendars. 6 am. in a bar. yep. think what you will about me, haha

how was your weekend? i hope it was fabulous!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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