Saturday, November 19, 2011

what is a sisterhood?

Most of you know I was in a sorority in college.

Actually let me rephrase: I am part of a sorority.

That didn't end the second I got my diploma. The day I chose to rush a sorority, it became a part of who I was then, and who I am now. I rushed, I pledged, and I was a part of something.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...joining my sorority changed my life.
I learned how to be an individual. I learned to have a voice. I learned how to be part of a team. I learned how to walk into a situation ( or a classroom, or a fraternity party) with confidence. I learned how to start conversations with random people. I learned about what kind of person I was when I needed to make tough choices, I learned what kind of people I wanted to surround myself with, and I learned that people you may never have met under other circumstances have a funny way of becoming more like sisters.

I can say I am a better person for it. The good , the bad, the random and awkward, the fantastic and every single other memory, experience and lesson learned since the day I walked into my first rush event.

Today I am still a part of my sorority. I think of my sisters every day, tell stories about them and share memories of them...even if I haven't seen some of them in years..even if I no longer speak to some. I am lucky to say that I keep in touch with many of my sisters, and know that no matter where I am, where they are, how many years pass, or even if I've never met them in person..I can still count on them. Any day, any time, any where. I have received invitations to visit them across country, have been offered a place to stay when contemplating moving. They've wished me luck countless times, visit me, send me holiday cards. On facebook they comment on my pictures, on my statuses or just to say hi.

anyway, my point is that I'm happy I decided to do it all those years ago. Sometimes I forget what it's like to be part of a sisterhood...and then there's days like today .

By sheer fate I saw a girl wearing my sorority's letters when I went to a grad school open house two weeks ago. Being the random person I am, I went over to her to introduce myself. Actually to be honest, I made a deal with myself that if I finished filling out the application and handed it into the admissions counselors that were there, then I would go and talk to a stranger and pretend it was completely normal. So i did! and the girl was super nice and didn't think I was a weirdo even when I gave her my speech about being so excited to meet her, and wanting to volunteer with her new colony- soon to be chapter, and giggling like a freak because I was nervous and when I'm nervous I get super awkward, giggle and make no sense. Greatttt first impression.

BUT awkwardness and all she gave me the name of their colony consultant, who I immediately emailed, and who was also super receptive to having me meet the girls and invited me to the chartering ceremony for the girls.

sooo that brings me to today, when I attended the chartering ceremony for the newest chapter of my organization. To see these girls interact with each other, hear about all the work they did to become a colony and then to become a chapter within a few short months did something for my heart. I was in a room with girls who were just starting out, ladies who are alumni like myself, and girls who are right in the middle of their college years as active sisters. We all shared a bond, and even though we didn't know each other, it felt like I was surrounded by friends. Watching each girl walk up as their name was called, hearing the jokes and cheers they shared with each other, listening to the colony president thank her sisters during her speech and to say out loud what I've always felt: 

 "We started out as strangers, became friends, and ultimately have become a family- we're sisters"

it all reminded me of the pride I have in my sorority, and in my sisters.

They were my family when I was hours away from mine. They were my friends when I walked into Chestnuts and didn't want to sit alone. And they were my sisters when a boy broke my heart and they threatened to beat him up, when I cut my hair off and they convinced me it really wasn't that awful, when I needed a ride to the doctor or someone to talk to at 3am, or help figuring out a class that just baffled me. They were my sisters for all those things and so much more. 

They still are. 

Because a sisterhood lasts forever.  

Girls, if you're reading this, i adore each and every one of you. I think of you often, even if we don't speak every day or even every year. I am happy when good things happen for you, and I want to comfort you when bad things go your way. You always have a friend in me, and more than that - a sister.
 I am all the better for having met you, and for that I'm thankful.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


p.s. look at my new shirt i got today!

isn't it super cute?! best be sure i'll be rocking it with my fave leggings and my fave black biker boots asap.

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  1. Awwww Sarah! Love it. Im so glad you had that opportunity today, hopefully AY will have their own chance to re-charter soon. I will bawl my eyes out and I can't wait. YITS!! <3 Laura


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