Friday, November 11, 2011

happy birthday binkaroo!

yum, yum, this will be us later eating carvel cake

today on 11.11.11. my baby brother turns 25.

how could you not love this face?!

most of the time i have a hard time remembering that i am in fact 26 and not 16, so the fact that he is 25 is just crazy!
we're a little more than a year apart, 18 months actually.

 that makes today my half birthday and i acknowledge and encourage any celebrations and well wishes thrown my way :)
because we're so close in age i can't even remember what my life was like before he was in it, but im sure it wasn't as awesome as it has been since the day he showed up in the world.

we were cute....actually we still are
every single memory i have of my childhood, my brothers in it. he's my very best friend, and the coolest guy i know. sometimes i'm incredibly jealous of him, and sometimes im in awe of him. im proud to call him my brother, and that's all the time.

when we were little i called him stinky. randomly the last few years i've started calling him know, because he's my brother and he stinks.

but he really doesn't.

 he's the kind of guy everyone knows, and if they don't know him, they want to. he walks into a room and it's like he brought a burst of energy with him. he can talk about anything, and even when he doesn't know what he's talking about, people listen to every word he says. he's super smart, funny, handsome, and loyal. he's honest, works hard and is good to his friends. If there was a movie about him , he'd play himself, because no actor could really compare. a lot of the time i feel like he really is in a movie, and half expect a theme song to play every time he walks in.

when we were little we used to pretend he was my big brother, because i was too shy and he was the exact opposite, so he'd watch out for me a & do the talking.
he still looks out for me. he includes me in everything he does, keeps an eye out that i don't get hurt when we go somewhere crowded, and on more than one occasion has volunteered to go after someone who hurt me in some way.

we weren't always so close, and when we fight, it's a big deal. but we always get over it.

i know not all siblings are like the two of us, but that's ok with me. i know that i have someone i can always count on, and he's been my best friend for almost my whole life. it's almost like he was born to be. he's one of the best people i know, and i'm lucky to call him my brother. we make jokes that he'll be the president one day, but i really believe he will be. if anything, i know he'll definitely make his mark on the world...for the people who are lucky enough to know him, he's already made marks on theirs.

who would've thought that this little guy....

would grow up into this guy?

if you're reading this bink, i wish you the happiest of birthdays! i hope you like the gifts i got you and i hope you have a fabulous time during the celebrations of your birthday weekend. i wish you a fresh start as you start this new year of your life, and a million other lovely, wonderful, happy things.

thanks for getting a tattoo while i was on vacation so that mom would be so worked up about yours she wouldnt notice mine right away when i got back. thanks for picking up my tab & handing out loans to me even when you know it'll take me forever to pay you back. thanks for laughing at my jokes and reminding me i'm not alone. thanks for including me in every plan you make, making sure i don't turn into a hermit, and staying home with me when i just want to watch a movie. thanks for going after the random guy without a second thought after he said i was fat and i almost cried in the bar. thanks for telling me every day that there's someone out there who will appreciate how wonderful i am, especially on the days i think i'll be single forever. thanks for being around to witness all the crazy conversations that go on at the dinner table, and for taking the attention off me when mom starts going on about what im doing with my life. thanks for the millions of other things you do for me and everyone else you know.

mostly, thanks for being born kid, i can't imagine what my life wouldve been like without you, but im sure it wouldve been a heck of a lot less entertaining.

your sissy loves you!

with a heart full of happiness & a mind full of dreams



  1. How fun to have a birthday today! P.S. the pig eating the cake is really really cute!!

  2. Brothers are the best! And yours is pretty cute :)

  3. Andrew is amazing. And I agree with everything you said except that he won't be president. He's not diplomatic enough. And waaaaay too opinionated. Aw, Happy Birthday to Andrew! Love you both!


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