Wednesday, November 16, 2011

oh how pinteresting!

happy wednesday friends!

let's link up with Michelle over the The Vintage Apple  and see what goodies we've all found shall we?

pinterest has been acting up these last few days...super frustrating! get those hiccups fixed for real guys.

or as I like to say... if you have nothing nice to say, come sit with me

just a natural beauty

i find a new black & white chair that I want every single day

infinity symbol

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

dark hair, red lips, a combo im trying to master myself. so far i've got the dark hair part down

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

the perfect black wedges! i love steve madden and am seriously considering these
..maybe if i could find a  discount

venice is an unreal place. you have to see it to believe it. i spent the entire time there in complete awe.

do you think he really said this? whether or not he did, it's definitely awesome

i adore her. shes really turned her life around and made something of herself anf for her family. everything is amazing in this picture- from her hair& makeup to her style and the look on her face

this is what im getting my masters in

walk with the dreamers

yumyumyum. avocado, goat cheese & prosciutto

gorg lace. wear it over a dress or with pants, its so versatile

tell me this face didnt make you smile automatically?!?

such a cute idea for a holiday card!

dark hair with an ombre technique into pink

im not sure who this is: it's either kate beckinsale- in which case i envy her and want her hair...OR its that girl courtney from that dallas show that I can't stand.. but still love her hair

slightly ombre effect

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

pinterest, thanks yet again for sucking away hours of my life without me noticing!
don't have pinterest and want to join? send me your email  & i'll send you an invite

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. oh my gosh I love every one of these pins!!! You made me smile, laugh, get hungry and get jealous of gorgeous hair all in one post! haha

  2. That chair is amazing! And so are those wedges. Love all your pins :)

  3. I love that chair!

  4. I loved all of your pins! Isn't that little boy just the cutest?
    Have a good night!! :)


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