Monday, December 19, 2011

more sparkle than what is usually only acceptable at a dance recital

ello, ello lovebugs!

i've had this really deep, meaningful post in the works for the last few days...

annnndddddd i really would love it if i could finish it and share it with you...

becauseeee i do live in a slight state of fear that my blog
will be too light and fluffy and a whole lot of nothing
and you'll lose interest, and ill lose interest andddd
 well you get my point.
except that when i started blogging,
and for months after i took it up seriously i never actually even told anyone about it,
 so i guess if i did lose all my followers i'd still be blogging for myself anyway

...but i do love seeing your sweet comments every day, and new faces on my sidebar...
except i did lose one yesterday!!
womp womp sadfaces
sorry to see you go,
 guess you didn't want to stick around to wait for more awesomeness to
spill onto the page here on my little corner of the world

right, okay, back to my point..
so i promise i have a lovely, thought provoking post that i'm determined to finish and put up tomorrow, so for today you get this one!

{ my new years eve outfit ideas }

i may or may not spend the day wearing this hat. because now i finally have it, and i actually have wanted it since last year and when my brother went to get it for me in hot pink he ended up with a tube top he thought was a headband/hat/wrap combo thing....long story.
BUT low and behold when i was running around like a craycray lady tonight burning up the strip on my credit card i found it!
and while i was there i saw that the necklace ive wanted forever magically arrived back in stock!!! so maybe ill toss that on for an extra bit of magic :)

funfact-- the unicorn is my sororitys mascot <3

then i have two dress options, because apparently i will be wearing a dress.
my first option is this lovely one armed number!

{ she looks like she's having fun right?}
sparkly, bordering on tacky, i love everything about it,
except the sleeve is a touch too long so i may be making it a 3/4 but i haven't decided yet

my second option is multicolored like this dress:

BUT is strapless and shaped like this dress:

i should also mention i'll be spending it
seeing this band:

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

at this NYE party:

soooo since it's nye i'm going all out sparkly

with this nail polish:

{ color club's gold glitter }

and probably this lipstick:

{ sephora's mr. lover for any of your curious kids}

but since it's a { Kickin Country } party...

i may also be wearing a denim jacket and boots.
because i think that's what you wear to a country event no?
 except in real life i'd be wearing jeans and something plaid but for nye sparkles are a must.
and the fact that i'm gonna just toss it all together
even if it's all over the place is totally okay with me 

what are your new years eve plans little loves?!

anything fun? staying home? have a hot date? tell me tell me!

also, check in tomorrow for this super thought provoking post i have in store for you.

{ it may not really be thought provocking but come read me anyway, since it makes me happy }

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. I like the second dress option with cowboy boots and a jean jacket!!


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