Wednesday, December 14, 2011

oh hey wednesday

hello, hello and happy wednesday!

well, well i'm moving.

or atleast i hope i am, if everything works out these next few weeks..


soo my theme for todays "oh how pinteresting!" wednesday issssss....

drumrolllllll pleaseeeeeeee

my plans for my new room!!!

first off, i was inspired by julie over at the girl in the red shoes
and the makeover she did in her guest bedroom

it's EXACTLY the look i was going for and i didn't even know it until i saw it on her blog :)

go check it out
  ----> { here } <----
to see for yourself!

i love the look of this grey and white combo with pops of yellow

again, the grey & white combo with pops of yellow and other colors...
and i really love the floating white shelves

i already have this bookcase/storage unit from ikea in the birch color...BUT it is was too hard to take apart and then put back together SO i'm hoping to get myself a new one once i get settled in...probably in white

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

or maybe i'll paint it like this:

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

i really like the white bedding with grey sheets...
im keeping my eyes out for a decent white comforter
and a chandelier like this one would be pretty awesome too

i'd like each of these pillows por favor.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

i mean really, doesn't the white bedding just make you feel clean and refreshed?

i'm a sucker for white twinkle lights...
im going to raid a after christmas sale to get my hands on a couple of boxes hopefully

white & grey frames

definitely two of these please
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

i have a free standing mirror that's begging to be put to use...
maybe ill do this with the lights?
if i dont put them over my windows

my mirror kinda looks like this one but is more of a vintagey light green color

my bed is getting retired so i'm looking to grab this one from ikea..
simple, timeless & the price is pretty affordable

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

i'd really like a desk like this...
i think i'd be super productive sitting there know blogging & online window shopping :)

the closet needs some work so maybe something like this could happen, maybe

the room isn't huge
so a dresser like this would be good
or that or the other
if i don't get that shelving unit instead

i'm going to make myself this chair:

with a chair i already have that looks like this shape:

by using this reupholstering tutorial.
my parents reupholster our chairs all the time
so it can't be that tricky

i don't think i'd want this many frames but i'd like to stick with my white/ grey theme

sooooo, what do you think?!

head over and visit michelle over at the vintage apple
to see what everyone else is pining lately :)

happy reading!

p.s. i just looked at my blog and realized that it's main theme colors are yellow, white & grey.

my subconcious apparently was already working hard

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. I loooove both of those pillow pins. Makes me want to try and make my own!
    You are adorable by the way!

  2. I love the gold mirror with lights!

    Have a fabulous Wednesday!

  3. You are SO sweet! I love the gray and yellow combo! And that chevron covered chair is to die for!!!

  4. I just want to jump in those beds, especially the one with twinkle lights!!

    New follower :)


  5. OMG I love every one of these pins!! I want that twinkle light bed SO bad!! I'm gonna have to repin some of your stuff :)

  6. love all your ideas for your new bedroom! it's gonna look fab! and also as far as your birch bookcase goes you could always paint that! ...grey...AND take it from me, I LOVE grey spray paint...Rustoleum 2x grey from Lowes or home depot is great for painting vintage frames (or cheap ones from Goodwill) or shelves...Good luck

  7. Ah, I just want to curl up in all those beds! They look soooo comfy! Love your bedroom inspiration! ♥

  8. I LOVE grey and yellow together. It's so fresh looking. clean! And that chevron pattern that is so popular right now? well i'm obsessed! Love it! Thanks for sharing these ideas!


  9. Love the yellow and grey combo. Cool ideas for a new room.

  10. i love the grey and yellow! also love that ikea bookcase...i think i may need to buy it :)

  11. So much cute stuff! I love yellow and grey together!


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