Sunday, December 25, 2011

SANTA! I KNOW HIM! & other news.

good morning & merriest of Christmases to all of you who celebrate :)

i will be woken up in probably 45 minutes by my nieces who are anxiously awaiting to find out what santa brought them...

but as you can see, i'm already awake...because i haven't gone to sleep yet.

i have a cold and despite passing out early the last three days,
tonight  today sleep isnt working for me.

we have a big day planned for today...
 rip open presents. eat bagels. take a nap. eat lunch. get presentable. go see the muppet movie.
 have dinner. probably nap again. do stuff.

are you guys doing anything special today?

in other news: im moving in four days.


i've barely packed. i actually have no idea what to take with me.
my new room is considerably smaller than my current room.
i probably should've taken some measurements or something when i saw it, but i didn't so i'm basically at a loss of what will actually fit in im only taking whatever fits in my car and then my parents are bringing furniture and whatnot in a few weeks after i figure out what i can actually use.

so dilemma, dilemma:

do i pack the yoga mat i haven't used in three years?
the four bags of seasonal shoes, the one standing shoe rack, and my over the door shoe rack, and the basket of sneakers and boots?
my favorite books or just the smallest ones?
my knick nacks and memory books?
my scarf collection?
every single bag i own or just the ten i use most often?
my sunglasses collection?!
the list goes on.

actually as i'm sitting here looking around my room, everything i have is actually already in a basket or container of some maybe i can just stack it all up in my car and go.

but what about the pots and pans, glassware, my crockpot...all the millions of other random apartment furnishing i have from when i used to live away from home? my toiletries? toss that in a box too i suppose.

i wish i had an endless supply of money so i cold get there and buy everything i a closet organizer, since the closet is empty and without shelving, THAT i do remember noticing.
i also know i want to put up shelves in between the two windows to make use of the wall space...

maybe ill just toss my clothes into garbage bags and the rest into bins to make it easier to carry in once i get there.

hmm. all good thoughts.

moving is weird isn't it?

you have to figure out a way to stuff your whole life into a convenient, least stressful, moving friendly plan as possible.

anyone have any moving tips?

hope you all have a lovely day with your loved ones
wishing you got tons of lovely things, but more importantly a day relaxing surrounded by your loved ones

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. Get packing!!! I can't wait to see a home tour :)

  2. Merry Christmas! Good luck with your move!


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