Thursday, December 8, 2011

it's ok thursdays


goood morning (or afternoon really) lovebugs!

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it's ok...

...that last night i sorted through my clothes
and pretty much the only things i actually like fit into two bins.

...that my accessories probably fit into ten.

...that everything else is getting tossed in the donations bins, but only if i can lift the garbage bags and drag them to my car...otherwise they'll probably sit in my living room with the rest of our "things to donate" for the next three years

...that im off to rhode island tonight for interviews tomorow and can't figure out what to pack

...i haven't touched my "teacher" clothes since my last day of student teaching in may

...that i'm pretty sure
the last seven months filled with gym shorts
( not work to the actual gym, but to summer camp)
and yoga pants with elastic waists have been all too forgiving with my body...

... that i may be packing everything i own just incase

...that my new phone is apparently too advanced for my to figure out, except that it's supposed to be exactly like the one i just had, since it's a replacement

... that the alarm on said new phone sounds like a bunch of crazy magic fairies are coming to land all around your head. imagine that. im not kidding.

...that after discovering that a lot of things are missing from my teaching portfolio ( that were definitely there when i handed it into my professor in may) i now want to fill it up with cards my students made me....because i think that says more about what kind of teacher i am than an example of a lesson plan.

so, whats up with you guys today?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


p.s. can i ask you guys to think of me tomorrow while im at these interviews? i'm nervous :(

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