Monday, December 12, 2011

miscellany monday

{ sorry about my woe is me post yesterday. ugh, even im tired of attending my own pity party }

{ it's a new day, and a new week so i'm starting fresh }

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1. hunger games anyone?  for real. i read the first two books straight through from friday and saturday. whoevers hanging onto the third one needs to return it to the library asap.

2. i want a fancy camera to take all sorts of awesome pictures. i used to be attached to my camera, took pictures of every single thing and lately not so much :(

3. i've been a little too caught up in watching reruns of buffy the vampire slayer. my inner 16 year old self is thrilled.

4. it's been a weird day.  super weird.

5. my bangs are the only thing i'm committed to at the moment and i think we may be breaking up.

6. i STILL haven't seen breaking dawn. everyones talking about it and im totally out of the loop

7. i seriously want cowboy boots. legit ones

8. i need a job. anyone know of one where i can read, bake, do crafts, sit in the sunshine, play uno, and running bases all day? anyone...anyone? let me know :)

9. i slept on a queen sized air matteress all weekend. it was like being on my own personal bouncy toy. i slept through the night and woke up early, and refreshed every day. seriously the thing was like a boat. huge.

10. it also may be the only thing in my new bedroom when i move since i can't afford to buy furniture...ohh learning to live on a budget. clearly im new at this whole having to pay my rent thing ..

11. i kinda wish i had an awesome different name... like... greer or sloane orrr anything else that's awesome and unique...i think its because i was reading books with people named katniss and prim..hmm.

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with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. i really want a fancy camera as well! and i remember when i was younger how i wanted to change my name to something exotic and cool!

  2. the first two books of hunger games are amazeballs. i thought mockingjay was okay, but oh man! They're so good.

    and i legit wish my name was katniss. such a cool name!

  3. Yes to 7! NOooooooo to 11. Justification: You would never find pencils or stickers with your name on them...duh!

  4. I love this! I still haven't seen Breaking Dawn yet either. i'm so out of the loop! Ehh, it will make an awesome movie/wine night! And I need to read the Hunger Games, asap! I have all three sitting on my dresser.


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