Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wed (nes) day

good morning, good morning
& happy wednesday!

linking up with Michelle at the vintage apple

let's pin together shall we?


true story.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

i dont even like shorts, but i'd probably, most definitely, wear these

yumsss tomato & mozzarella grilled cheese. every single day

i don't even buy books in the first place,
but i will not buy a book with a movie picture instead of the real thing

Source: via Megan on Pinterest
i did this in my room, minus the frames
but im thinking of adding the frames when i do it again in my new room

or like in the library, or cvs, or just plain anywhere that's obvious

i feel your pain dude. little arms, little legs.

can i find THESE under the tree this weekend?!

Source: via Jaci on Pinterest
this reminds me of beauty & the beast, my favorite!!

keri make me not afraid to cut my hair

when i grow up, and have a kid, i hope to look this cool

this is how i think i look wearing my raybans. no, seriously, for real.

the colors, the accessories, the vest. lovelovelove

that's all for today folks, i'm trying to figure out my facebook timeline.

has anyone tried it yet?...can we say awkward?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. I have almost every single one of those pinned!!

    I loved the Nicole Richie one and wanting to be cool when having a child. I thought I was cool when I popped my kid out at 19, but since then, I look like a Target shopping soccer mom. I'm trying to get cool back LOL


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