Thursday, December 15, 2011

{ currently }

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 { currently . . . }

{ current book(s) }

Source: via Kaley on Pinterest

easy- the hunger games i hoping for katniss to pick peeta or gale?!
i dont know!!
i need to get my hands on the third book asap's a toss up actually,

bc i just started again on my "dating for dummies" book.
and yes, i did purchase it, and i am seriously reading it from beginning to end,
and i may or may not be taking notes this time.
judge me if you will, dating is way hard...i need all the help i can get

{ current playlist }
i started using spotify so i'm all over the place with this one really, a little bit of everything

{ current color }
bobbing for baubles

{ current drink }
magners apple cider, it's like apple juice for grown ups, yums

{ current food }
grandma slices from my local fave pizza place,
soooo delicious and practically always just out of the oven

{ current favorite show }
once upon a time, criminal minds, evenge, bones, hart of dixie & american horror story
that's a mix right there if i do say so myself

{ current needs }
oh that's a good one... need a job that i enjoy, need a boyfriend to snuggle with me, need to be healthier, need a magical fairy godmother to drop off rent money for ohhh let's say the first six months of me living on my own

{ current triumph(s) }
oooh i have an answer for this one!!
or many answers really.
i've applied for a ton of jobs to make things happen instead of waiting.
i'm going to move.
AND i haven't had any soda since november 1st!!
triumphantttt :)

{ current bane(s) of my existence }
waiting to hear back. annoying people. being passed over. feeling like a big loser.

{ current celebrity crush }
ryan gosling. the end.
oh wait, and james franco.

{ current #1 blessing }
my family.

{ current indulgence }
crafting goodies. i went a little crazy at michaels

{ current outfit }
it's either really early or really late depending on how you look at it

{ current excitement }

{ current mood }

{ current favorite holiday decoration }

twinkle lights

{ current #1 item on your wishlist }
ummm rent money. or a bed. orrrrrrr...lots of stuffs

{ current new year's resolution }
be happy. make things happen. enjoy life. figure out myself. get healthy. love myself. reach out. make friends. take chances. don't be afraid. fall in love.

what are you all { currently } ?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. That is such a gorgeous nail color!!!

  2. i love hart of dixie too :)

    i have th same needs,damn this economy!

    twinkle lights are the best.

    nice celeb crush-you can't go wrong with ryan,for sure!

  3. I love twinkle lights! And that polish is beautiful!

  4. Love the nail polish. That color is on my to get list. I'm currently loving Once Upon a Time too! I'm so addicted.

  5. I love that nail polish!
    And now you have me craving "adult" cider :)
    I love twinkly lights year round but especially at Christmas time!
    and Hunger Games is the best!
    Thanks for linking up!

  6. That nail polish is goorgeous!! and omg that apple cider sounds so good, I'm jealous. lol. And again, LOVE the twinkle lights!!

  7. love the nail seems like grey is the color of the moment! i love most of those shows (especially criminal minds and revenge) oh and ryan gosling seems to be on everyone's list too (totally on mine!)


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