Friday, December 2, 2011

it's ok

Its Ok Thursdays

whoops i'm a day late with my "it's ok" link up 
with NeelyAmber

my b.

doing it now anyway,
since i've got tons of it's ok feelings happening

it's ok...

...that i haven't watched the last three episodes of american horror story, because my brother hasn't been home to watch it with me and i'm too much of a scaredy cat to watch it on my own..learned my lesson last time i did that!

...that whenever i see ashton kutcher in those camera commercials, i find them a little ironic.

... that i've had the same four windows open on my computer since monday, for jobs i want to apply for, but the cover letters and applications are giving me a serious case of writers block

...that i had a phone interview today and think it went really well.
can't lie, i have a great phone voice. i've been told of a few professions i could probably be successful at with it if i wanted.
too bad i'm such a prude.

...that i'm not actually such a prude. not to say i'm casual about things, which if you know me, you'd know i'm not. but i don't consider things related to sex taboo, though i do think that some things are private and should stay private. 

...that since i decided i want to move asap, i do not want anything for christmas unless it's money or a gift card of the amex or visa variety.
sweaters and shoes will not pay my rent or buy me groceries.

...that i find facebooks, "people you may know" really annoying. you're right facebook, i may know them, but i've made the conscious decision to NOT know them.
my ex boyfriend? no thanks. his girlfriend who got my order wrong the first time i met her and consistently ignored me every time after that when i saw her? nope don't want her either. some random person who never said two words to me in my entire life? nah, im all set. the person who updates their status every ten seconds about their kids poop, how awful their boyfriend is, how they hate their life, and so i deleted them. nopeee, im good.
i've probably mentioned this all before.

... that today was december 1st and i didn't wear a coat to go outside.
for someone who is forever getting sick, i'm asking for trouble, but i couldn't help it!

...i want my hair to grow, grow and grow super long. kardashian long. jennifer love hewitt on ghost whisperer long. victoria secret model long. keep in mind my hair used to be that long and i got sick of it and chopped it off. granted i had no idea how to handle it then, but i've got a system going now, so grow hair, grow!

what's ok with you guys these days?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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