Thursday, December 1, 2011


I'm staring at applications that need to be filled out,
cover letters that need to be tailored,
and websites of jobs I really want.

I am fantastically tired,
think I might fall asleep right now
and have a phone interview to schedule in the morning.

my parents are worried about this new idea of mine.
i don't think my dad believes me
when i say i really want to do this.
my mom thinks i need to have the perfect job before i go.

who knows what my perfect job is?

im all over the place in my passions, my creative outlets, and my career choices....

isn't there a job where i could get paid to...

 bake desserts,

cook amazing entrees,

host dinner parties,

create greeting cards,

make my own ornaments,


play uno & running bases with kids,

sew up infinity scarves,


take photographs,

hunt for unique jewelry,

collect sunglasses,

read books

and name nail polishes.....?

hm. because that's the job I want

keep me in your thoughts please lovebugs...
I need some positivity to come my way

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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