Friday, December 16, 2011

25 things you probably don't need to know about me but i'll share anyway

I have some new readers here

and i don't like to be rude and not introduce myself....

sooooo to tell you a little about myself

here are some completely random

25 fun facts

about this little miss:

who grew up into this one:

  1. i never carry an umbrella. everever. i do own three but i cant stand carrying around a drippy wet umbrella so i just don't. ill wear a hat and tuck my hair up into it, or use my hood, or make a slow walk mad dash to wherever i need to be

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2. i don't like twizzlers. nope. when i do have one it does nothing for me, i think they taste like a cherry flavored plastic/rubber hybrid.

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3. i climbed the leaning tower of pisa when i was three. i can still imagine how i felt inside it, and swear i could feel it moving the higher up we got.

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4. you know those little black round magnets? i stuck one up my nose when i was little and thought i had it in there for weeks. my mom says it was only like ten minutes but whatever. i have no idea why, apparently i wanted to see if i could breathe with one in there.

5. i never used a public bathroom until i went to college. never. imagine what our roadtrips to florida were like with me holding it in until we stopped at our hotel for the night. and yes, i realize that hotel bathrooms count as public, but for some reason they made the cut.

6. i wanted to name my dog optimus prime. true story. i was going to call him opti for short. before i got him i would actually refer to him as opti. and then i went, saw him and named him riley. again, as with many of the choices i make and then look back on, i have no idea why.
7. i don't like lady gaga. { gasp, blasphemy i know! } i will jam out to that dance song or sometimes even pokerface. but that's it. im just not into her. sorry to all you diehards out there.

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8. i used to be in beauty pageants. think toddlers and tiaras. except my parents weren't nuts and i looked like a four year old not a four year old hooker. i rememer being asked what my favorite food was after i walked down the runway and couldnt think of anything so i said spaghetti. i don't even like spaghetti.

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9. on that note, i also was a baby model. apparently my retirement came early when i threw a tantrum one day during a catalog shoot because i didnt want to pose with a random stranger and pretend she was my mommy. to think, i could've been discovered and become the next mary kate & ashey olsen if i wasnt such a brat.

10. i didn't start wearing makeup until I was 23 i had no idea how, and didn't think i really needed any. sure sometimes i wore some when someone else put it on for me but really, i wasn't too into it.

11. my ex boyfriend taught me how to wear eyeliner. my dad likes to say it's one of the few things "the useless" did for me, along with giving me my favorite pair of boots, and forgetting his fancy knife set when he left.

12. i have three scars from when i had the chicken pox. i know where they are and one is totally from my dad thinking i got gum stuck to me and trying to pull it off since it was the very first and lone pock on me before the others showed up. i remember that happening like it was yesterday, true story.

13. i love leopard print. all the time, with anything.

14. i never match, atleast not on purpose. i literally will put on whatever i want to wear and decide it looks lovely together. stripes, flowers, camo print, black, brown, blue, hot pink, and toss on a red hat for good measure? add tons of bangles and an obnoxiously awesome necklace? yep. i like it just fine :) im going for a nicole richie bohemian look with a dash of my own things tossed in

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15. i wish i was taller. but not like something ridiculous like wishing i could grow a foot overnight. i'd like to be like three inches taller. that's all. my 5'1 self just would enjoy a slight extra boost. thank goodness for heels.

16. im a sucker for a guy in plaid. and if he's tall? and has nice hands? but the most guaranteed to make me have the biggest crush on them instantly? if they can make me laugh...which isn't hard to do since i laugh at basically everything as pointed out by many a teacher over the years... make me giggle and im done..
{ le sigh }

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17. i can read a whole book in one day. because i like it. and because that's how i always read. which is why i used to read in the dark when i was little because it was past my bedtime and ultimately ended up needing glasses. thank goodness for lasik surgery.

18. i miss my glasses. yep. oddly enough it turns out i liked them, just not the inconvienence of them...imagine my joy sadness at learning i needed a night prescription six years after my surgery. soo i busted out an old pair for my new little prescription and now happily wear them when needed

19. i hate opening presents infront of people. DESPISE it. i always feel so awkward about it. like what if i hate it? and i dont want to hurt their feelings, but they can tell i hate it?or theyre sooo excited about me opening it and then i dont react as thrilled as they are? or i already know what it is and can't act surprised ( bc i have snooped and found out ahead of time, maybe...once or twice) sigh. i try to distract people when it comes time to open gifts but it almost never's always just so awkward.

20. im terrified of dying. seriously, i don't understand how everyone else isn't completely freaked out by it like i am...or maybe you all are and just have figured out the secret to dealing with it, and if that's the case please feel free to share it with me. like one second youre living, breathing, feeling, thinking, existing... and then suddenly youre just not. and you have no idea. i wish i could know that there's something else after this, that someone could answer all my questions, comfort me in some way about it...ugh, sorry this one was a morbid downer :(

21. i peed in my pants when i was in second grade. in school.
in gym class.
my scary gym teacher said none of us could say one word until after we did our warm up excercises...she was really terrifying and i thought she'd eat me or something. when i did cave in to ask, she yelled at me. three minutes later i was sitting in a puddle of my pee, got up and ran out hysterically crying. my classroom teacher found me running down the hallway and took my to the nurse to change my clothes and then brought me back to the room with her to read any book i wanted instead of making me go back to gym. miraculously, when everyone came back to class not one person knew i had peed in my pants, or they never said anything. to think...i could've lived the rest of my school years being known as Sarah PeePants.

22. i've experienced two hail storms, an earthquake, a cyclone, a tornado and a super freakstorm flooding.

23. ok this one is a repeat from a past post buttttt i think it's worth sharing again.
when i was little i thought serial killers were bad guys who ran around supermarkets cutting open boxes of cereal. i'd be like wow, that's a mean thing to do...what do all these people have against lucky charms boxes?!
tell me that isn't exactly what comes to mind when you first think of it?

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24.  i'm late for everything. always. even with the best intentions of getting there early. it's probably one of the worst things about myself, and the one i feel the guiltiest about on a regular basis. because really everyone always knows i'm going to be late and that's just plain embarassing. so if i've ever had you waiting on me, or if you end up waiting on me, i'm sorry. i read once that fifteen minutes is the cut off for waiting on people, because someone can legitamitely be fifteen minutes late by accident. after that, if you've been waiting 20 minutes it's because the person doesn't respect you. trust me people, i respect you, i'm just super easily distracted.

25. i hate cursing, but love lil wayne. is that an oxymoron? maybe. seriously, you should hear me rock out to him. redic. im a spectacle to be seen.

andddd an extra one for good luck...or because i'm 26...or because i don't like odd numbers...

26. i don't like odd numbers. ha.

ok there's so many more random things about myself i could keep going on about but you've probably had enough.

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if for some reason you haven't gotten your fill of my random info


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have a lovely weekend lovebugs!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. that's weird...i hate even numbers and love odd! my alarms are always set on odd numbers! and i hate opening gifts in front of people as well! even if i like it and i just hate having to react to it! so awkward!

  2. love this! you and i have a lot in common. i never carry umbrellas, hate using public restrooms (but will if i HAVE to and just hover over the toilet) and hate opening presents in public! can't wait to read the rest of your blog :)

  3. Oh my goy. This is such a perfect post for a newbie follower like me. :) I too hate umbrellas, lady gaga, and odd numbers.

    ESPECIALLY "11." Like, why waste my time getting from 10 to 12???

    a toast.

  4. I am so glad I saw you followed me! I loved this post! You are too funny. I'm with you on the dying and Lady Gaga...Don't get the craz at all! lol

  5. I am 5'1 too (well as long as my hair is just a bit poofy that day). Great post!

  6. Love this post!! I'm super short too (5'3") and just want like 3 more inches!! lol. And I agree, I looove a man in plaid who can make me laugh - guess that's why I fell for my fiance ;) SO hilarious about the serial killer thing. I remember being little and wondering what cereal had to do with them too!! lol

  7. omg i HATE opening presents, too!!!! so much so that i have avoided having birthday parties for the majority of my life, because it stresses me out so much!


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