Wednesday, December 21, 2011

sometimes & always

okay, okay, so i didn't finish the post i've been working on...
slight case of bloggers block.

buttttt i did finish my holiday shopping, and wrapped a bunch of it
AND made stockings for everyone
soooo i think i can get a pass on not coming through with the post, right? right.

so instead of finishing that little post i've been thinking up in my brain, im linking up with
 megan from mackey madness 
for sometimes and always

sometimes: i dream about chopping my hair off into a super cute bob because it's so dry and feels stringy, sooo maybe i should cut it and start from scratch

always: i remember how much i cried when i did chop my hair off a few years ago, and talk myself right back out of doing it again.

exhibit a:


but...maybe second time arounds the charm?

Source: via Renae on Pinterest

sometimes: i question if i really want to be a teacher

always: i make one of my after school kids smile with a kind word and a ask them what they did all day, and i remember that i love that feeling.

my birthday announcement during student teaching:

sometimes: i miss my ex boyfriend so much my heart literally aches

always: then i remember how much better off i am without him than i ever was with him and i stop feeling so mopey.

sometimes: i put paper down so i don't get glitter everywhere when im using it

always: i get up from where i'm working and find glitter EVERYWHERE

sometimes: i set my alarm for earlyish and tell myself i'm going to get up and be productive

always: i hit the snooze button so many times i end up oversleeping and scrambling to get myself together, forget about being productive before then.

sometimes: i tell myself i will go for a jog in the morning, even though i hate jogging.

always: the morning comes and i decide to stay under the covers and try again the next day. i never do.

sometimes: i wonder if i'm making a good choice by deciding to move away from my family

always: i know i can come back home again, no matter what.

sometimes: i want to go live on a farm, grow my own things, have lots of animals and craft my little heart out
always: i remember that farmville is just a facebook game and a lot more work in real life

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. Ahhh, your comment about getting up to workout in the morning is SO SO me!! I will always say that I'm going to get up and workout and snooze always wins! Haha!!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!


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