Sunday, December 4, 2011

" i'm just practicing living in my new room"

a few gems i've gotten from the fam
since announcing my moving plans:

andrew wanders into my room with his books and starts moving my stuff to sit down:

"oh i see we don't even need an invitation
 to come in these days" -me
"oh since youre leaving im just practicing
living in my new room"- andrew

"when you move, i'm gonna miss you like ugly girls miss the prom" - andrew

"so you're going to take everything with you right?
i want the room empty,
i've got a wall to build" -dad


" you know Sarah, you're friends aren't going to let you stay forever,
do you think they like you that much?" -mom

"if they ask you to start on monday,
don't even bother coming back.
i'll just send you your stuff,
i'm already acting like you're there already anyway" -dad


and the post i left on my best friend missys wall the other day:

"ok, here's my plan:

 1. i will get a job i enjoy going to

 2. i will get a second job to pay for extra antonios and fatbellies

 3. i will lose weight, walk more, and drink more water...because i won't be able to pay for groceries, or gas and for my own well being.

 4. i will dance. and dance often. you dont have to pay for that

5. i will kiss boys. often. and enjoy every second of it. 

 6. i will pretend to be in college again with you and attend parties on oakland. think our greek discount will still count? alumni status? def.

 7. i will drive almost half an hour away to go to the beach and pretend it's completely normal.

 8. i will go to boston, to see our friends and have a dance party at the purple sham, since mollys & stings is now out of the plans.

 9. i will do every single fun thing the great states of massachusettes and rhode island have to offer- the random and cheesier, the better.

 10. i will tailgate at a patriots game, pay attention so i know what youre talking about at a celtics game, and happily wander around fenway to see the red sox.

 11. i will invite people over for home cooked meals, wine and good company. resurrection of my old norwood ave parties, just classier.

 12. i will enjoy every single second of the life im choosing for myself, even if other people don't agree and think i can't do it, even if i have to do my own nails and not go out for dinner, and think twice before buying another pair of sunnies or a fab necklace from forever, or sleep on an air mattress in an empty room for a few months because i can't afford to buy real furniture.

i might have to write this out and put it up for my every day mantra."

{ how's that for a game plan? }
andddd.....right now i'm back to writing cover letters and sending out about a serious case of writers block.
thank you to all of you who have sent me kind words through here, twitter & facebook. i appreciate it more than you know :)
with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


  1. Thinking of you girl! You'll make it happen :)

  2. My parents will freak the day I leaver here- for about a second before they start drawing up the plans for my empty room. :)

    Good luck with everything girly!


  3. Good luck, my friend! And I love what your dad said, haha. Sounds like my old man!


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