Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy birthday daddy!

guess what today is?

one of the best days ever

otherwise known as the day my favorite guy made his grand appearance into the world some of you may be confused, and may be thinking to yourselves,
no Sarah,
that's tomorrow, youre a day early!

BUT im not!

because i'm talking about the birthday of this guy:

my brother & my daddy

it's my daddy's 60th birthday!!!

i know, you can't believe he's 60 either right?
he doesn't look a day over 40 :)

 i've talked about my dad on here before

but for those of you who may have missed it, here's some all around awesomeness stuff
about my dad:

* he's the best chef ever. he can make a gourmet meal out of anything. no joke.

* he will answer the phone at any time of the day or night. i've been known to call him at 3:30 am to ask how to pick a lock, the right way to cook scallops, or to listen to the weird sound my car is making

background info: this was supposed to be a pic of the bread pudding i made, but my dad wanted to jump in on it and i couldn't resist. his reasoning? "the only way i can get my picture onto facebook is if they're taking a picture of food and i sneak in!"

* his signature is in the shape of a heart. it actually looks nothing like his actual name, but he says it does

* he only accepts handmade gifts

* he loves sugar and shortbread cookies

* he makes a smiley face on every note he leaves us, complete with a mustache

* he only uses capital letters when he writes

* he can find anything, anywhere, among all chaos. you see a room full of stuff, he sees organized mayhem

* he loves pizza. if he could he'd it it every single day

dad & i on my birthday

* when he tells stories about his life he sounds like the dad in big fish. it sounds like he's making it all up and telling you fairytales, but it's all true

* he does the crossword, wordy gurty, and soduku in the paper every morning

* he has been known to wear every shirt and sweater he plans on packing for a vacation ON THE PLANE in order to avoid having to pay a luggage fee
*  he loves to barbecue. rain or shine. winter, summer..doesn't matter. he barbecues in all weather.

* once when we were on a family trip to disney, as we were walking into the park and employee who was walking past us stopped and said " hi rudy!" and kept on walking. we had no idea who they were.

* all of our friends at home think he's the real life "most interesting man in the world"

a few of his favorite things: pizza & wine

* he can give you an answer for everything. even if it's not true he can make you believe it

* he believes putting "the magic cream" he gets from uruguay on any injury or ailment will cure it,
 like the dad in my big fat greek wedding and his windex

* he's my biggest fan no matter what i do. even when i think im a big mess.

* he's the greatest, most wonderful daddy in the whole world

he's not perfect, but i wouldn't trade him for any other dad ever.
get my dad to like you and you're golden. have some of his food and you'll never want to leave.
he's the bravest, smartest, most caring guy i know,
 and even when he makes me crazy, and all i want to do is fight with him,
 AND i refuse to be facebook friends with him

he's my most favorite guy!

last years birthday

happiest birthday daddy, i love you !

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. Happy Birthday Sarah's dad-from some random stranger on the internet LOL

    Merry Christmas girl!

  2. happy birthday to your dad! thanks for visiting my blog :) xo


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